The Valentine Cliché

It’s coming.
That day.
That very pink day.

Full of flowers, chocolates, poorly written cards and overpriced bouquets.
Valentines Day baby!


Now – this is a day you either love or loathe, and that’s totally fine – I’m not here to convince you to change your opinion.

However, I am here to say one thing:

The usual Valentines gifts are really, very dull. As is the rebellion against it.

Cliché, even.
So, if you want to avoid Valentines or if you want to do something different for Valentines I’m the woman you should be talking to.
Instead of the usual meal out: why not go and enjoy an awesome activity like Blown Away in St Andrews where you do land rafting across the beach, or try bungee jumping with Highland Fling?
Instead of the box of Dairy Milk, why not get beautiful handmade chocolates from Coco (Bruntsfield or Broughton)? So heavenly and decadent.
Instead of getting smashed in your local bar, why not try somewhere gorgeous like Lucky Liquor or Bramble Bar?
What’s the most wonderful (or dreadful) Valentines day you’ve ever had?


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