First date venues in Edinburgh

23-6_FB_CTROEdinburgh is a city of walks, of horizons, of elegant restaurants and expensive single malts, of sweaty comedy gigs and standing too close to your date, of dive bars and sharing a packet of chips together in St Andrews Square.
Edinburgh is democratic romance, no matter what your pocket can stretch to I have compiled a select list of first date venues and activities to let love in.
And as we love a “practical” mind we have even categorised them for you to match your purse…


Charming picnic on Arthurs seat (Be sure to bring plastic cups and a nice bottle of red wine, with a screw top). A brisk walk up the Arthurs seat, a lovingly homemade picnic with a cheeky glass of wine while you both enjoy a view that stretches over the entire city: how could you both not fall in love?


Meet for a tasty bite to eat at the Cuckoo’s nest in Tollcross (the steak sandwiches are second to none) before cuddling up together to enjoy a new film or an old flick at The Cameo cinema, an Edinburgh institution.


Old fashioned romance enjoys a unique twist at The Tower restaurant at the National Museum of Scotland. Linger over dinner, enjoying the exceptional food, wine selection and fall in love with each other and the city. If that didn’t help a sly cocktail over some loungy tunes in Brambles will definitely do the trick…


Are you struggling to plan a romantic getaway for your beloved? Get in touch and we’ll take care of it – don’t worry you can take all the credit!