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Welcome to TRIPorganiser, for bespoke tours crafted with care from our family to yours. Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh we are more than just a tour operator; we are your personal gateway to the wonders of Scotland.

As a small, family-owned business, our passion is to curate private half and full-day tours that transcend the ordinary. From the historic streets of Edinburgh to the picturesque landscapes of the Highlands, each journey is an intimate exploration, designed to immerse you in the authentic culture of Scotland.

Welcome to Scotland, welcome to TRIPorganiser – Your Trip, Your Way.

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Travel with love

Creating unforgettable tours in Scotland for 10 years

At TRIPorganiser, we take pride in offering a range of private half and full day tours, each meticulously designed to provide an immersive and authentic experience. Additionally, our itinerary planning services go beyond conventional travel assistance; we aim to transform your visions into a seamless reality. Our commitment extends beyond Scotland, as we collaborate with partners in England and Ireland to craft comprehensive packages, ensuring your journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to a world of personalised exploration with TRIPorganiser,where your trip is truly your own.

Your Dream Scotland Trip Awaits

We make booking tours easy and stress free

We offer something unique
Why Trip Organiser is the best choice
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Your Trip, Your Way

Our bespoke, customer-involved approach ensures curated tours, uniquely tailored to your desires. Your trip, your way - personalised and unforgettable.

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Experience Cultural Immersion

Step into authentic cultural experiences with us. Move beyond being a tourist—become a traveller. Discover genuine connections and create lasting memories through true cultural immersion.

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Guidance from Local Experts

Navigate the city with our local expertise. We're not just guides; we're your local friends, offering genuine insights and honest recommendations that go beyond the usual tourist spots.

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Family-Friendly Adventures

Embark on a family-friendly adventure with us. As a family-owned business, we understand the dynamics. From toddlers to grandparents, our tailored itineraries ensure a memorable journey for all ages/

Accessibility is Our Priority

Through direct, personal communication, we tailor experiences to your needs. Ensuring a seamless journey for all travellers.

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Authenticity is at Our Heart

At the core of TRIPorganiser is authenticity. We prioritise direct, personal communication, infusing every journey with love. Ourteam is dedicated to crafting truly authentic travel experiences.

We care what you think

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Team work makes the dream work

Meet our team

beryl portrait

beryl - ceo & founder


Sean - Director & Tour Driver

stuart portrait

Stuart - Driver Guide

ashley portrait

Ashley - Operations

denny portrait

denny - driver guide

urs portrair

Urs - Tour guide

Jutta - Driver Guide


John - Tour Guide

douglas portait

Doug - Driver Guide


Felicitas - Tour Guide

ian portrait

Ian - Outdoor Expert

lady ottilie car

Lady Ottilie- Car

van calton hill

Sir Osmond - Car

Get In Touch

Write to us for personalised travel advice or for information on group travel and last minute travel.

    beryl portrait

    CEO and Founder

    Hi, My name is beryl

    With valuable expertise in everything you would want to know when visiting Scotland, or further afield; Beryl is the travel-planning guru your adventures have been missing.

    With over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry, Beryl is an expert in knowing what transforms a tour from OK to outstanding. Her mission is to make stressful vacation planning and forgettable experiences a distant memory; driven by a desire to bring people together through what they see, marvel at and learn from, in one exceptional tour.

    In her former profession, Beryl was a member of the PR team for the travel company VisitScotland. It was here that Beryl was able to build a thorough network of knowledge within the Scottish travel industry; becoming familiar with common travel demands from tourists. The role allowed her to apply countless years’ worth of experience and close-knit knowledge into the planning of various tours for VIP’s. She was able to combine her industry expertise and passion for travel with her scrupulous desire to provide a truly unique experience. This was all powered by a deep enthusiasm to make every trip fabulous for every client!

    This experience, combined with her extensive knowledge of how to really see Scotland, resulted in the birth of TRIPorganiser. Rest assured; Beryl will give you the inside scoop on the finest secret Scottish spots.


    Driver and Tour Leader, Second Director of TRIPorganiser

    Hi, My name is Sean

    Although he’s originally from Down Under, Sean suffers from an infectious passion for all things Scottish, and as our Tour Leader, he’s the very best person to have around when exploring not only the ancient sites of Scotland, but also the surprisingly contemporary side of this seemingly endless landscape. 

    Sean is all too familiar with Scotland’s music and sporting scenes, and when he’s not behind the wheel of our tour van, can easily be spotted in the front row of the hottest gigs, festivals and football matches in town! And just as Scotland is famous for its iconic movie locations, so too is Sean for his boundless knowledge of them. The producers of movies such as Harry Potter, Trainspotting and The Wicker Man have nothing on Sean’s insight into film culture – so if you’re a film buff, you and Sean will likely get on like a house on fire! 

    So whether he’s at the wheel of our Tour Van, whizzing you from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to your chosen rugby or football stadium, or exploring the set locations of Hollywood blockbusters, you’ll instantly feel at ease exploring the rich abundance of Scottish wonders with Sean. 

    stuart portrait

    Driver Guide

    Hi, My name is Stuart

    Meet our exceptional new driver, Stuart! Hailing from the picturesque landscapes of bonnie Scotland, complete with the quintessential accent, Stuart is a true versatile professional. With a diverse background in the hospitality industry, spanning operational, central, and commercial roles, he brings a wealth of experience to our team.

    Stuart’s profound familiarity with Scotland is unparalleled, akin to knowing the back of his hand. Clients quickly appreciate his warm and caring demeanor, and Stuart is always ready with a captivating anecdote to share. We are incredibly proud to welcome Stuart as a cherished member of our team/family, fully confident that his charisma and expertise will elevate the experiences we provide.

    ashley portrait


    Hi, My name is Ashley

    Meet our wonderful new team member, Ashley! A true citizen of the world, originally hailing from the US, Ashley is currently traversing the globe while working. Having joined our team in March 2023, she has quickly become an invaluable asset. Ashley seamlessly adapted to itinerary design, showcasing a natural flair for the task. Her enthusiasm to contribute to the team and serve our cherished clients is palpable. As we move forward, Ashley is eager to be an integral part of our team/family, bringing her skills and passion to enhance the experiences we offer.

    denny portrait

    Driver Guide

    Hi, My name is Denny

    The former firefighter/trainer for respiratory protection in the fire service-oil-gas industry now proves himself as a highly experienced tour guide, having led a variety of formats including bus tours, city walks, and hiking and biking adventures. With Denny, you have a guide with excellent customer service, profound local knowledge, and the ability to eloquently and humorously recount historical, political, and natural events.

    urs portrair

    Tour Guide

    Hi, My name is Urs

    Although they’re hundreds of miles apart, the very best of Austrian and Scottish culture has never been so excellently embodied as they currently are in our fabulous city tour guide Urs. He’s been an Edinburgher for the past 11 years, and throughout his time has left no stone unturned during his extensive tours of the city.

    He serves his knowledge with a generous helping of his infectious personality, and conveys information effortlessly through his innate charisma, charm and sheer passion for adventure. Urs has many funny, intriguing and surprisingly entertaining anecdotes about Edinburgh to share between destinations, and his stories are bound to leave you hanging on every word! 

    Jutta - Driver Guide

    Hi, My name is Jutta

    Arriving in Scotland as a mature student in the late 1980s, Jutta not only found love with a Scotsman but also developed a deep affection for the country and its people. Scotland has truly become her second home. Having extensively explored this captivating nation, she has a profound appreciation for its breathtaking nature – from the expansive open spaces in the north to the verdant rolling hills of Central Scotland and the undiscovered charm of Dumfries & Galloway in the South. Jutta has embraced Scotland’s national drink, delved into the country’s turbulent history, and developed a passion for Scottish music. In the winter months, you’ll often find her on the benches of a rugby stadium, passionately cheering on the Glasgow Warriors or the national team.


    Tour Guide

    Hi, My name is John

    Every tour company needs it’s much loved eccentric, and John gracefully fulfills that role with ease.

    Being as Scottish as Stirling Castle and the sound of bagpipes, John joins his wife Felicitas in running the Stevenson House B&B in Edinburgh. As a lawyer-turned-gentleman of leisure, John is an absolute history buff, and loves delving deep into the how’s, who’s and why’s of Scottish literature, architecture, art and culture; of which Edinburgh is overflowing!

    However, venturing through Edinburgh’s winding streets and terraces is definitely his favourite past time. The city’s stories, facts and touring tips will just flow out of John, so make sure you have plenty of questions for him, as you never know what local anecdotes you’ll learn from him. 

    douglas portrait

    Driver Guide

    Hi, My name is doug

    Meet Douglas, your passionate tour guide from the picturesque Galloway in Scotland. With a love for Scotland’s landscapes and cities, Douglas specialises in outdoor adventures and city explorations, particularly in Glasgow. His expertise extends to Scotland’s history, geology, flora, fauna, and, of course, its renowned whisky. When not guiding, he enjoys collecting single malts and old blends. Immerse yourself in Scotland’s beauty with Douglas as your guide for a personalised and memorable experience.


    Tour Guide

    Hi, My name is Felicitas

    Prince Albert once rightly compared the sweeping landscapes of his German homeland with the surreality of Scotland – which is mainly why he purchased Balmoral Castle for his wife Queen Victoria in 1852.

    With this being said, it’s no wonder Felicitas feels so at home in Edinburgh, where she’s lived with her husband John for many years. Together they own the renowned Stevenson House B&B in the city’s New Town area, which was actually the childhood home of Robert Louis Stevenson; the author behind such classics as Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Jekyll and Hyde. He lived in the house for 24 years; it’s a place he very much called home.

    It’s a good job that Felicitas really loves history, as she lives it every day. When hosting guests, Felicitas enjoys throwing her fabled dinner parties, using ingredients grown in her own garden. And if you’re French, German or English, the conversation will flow like wine, as she’s fluent in all those languages.

    Felicitas knows there’s nothing quite like Scottish hospitality, and she can’t wait to introduce you to her beloved Edinburgh and its legends!

    ian portrait

    Tour Guide

    Hi, My name is Ian

    As a native of Ballater, on Scotland’s Royal Deeside, Ian has proved himself a hundred times over as an excellent walking and fishing guide for TRIPorganiser. He’s spent much of the last 25 years meeting over 500 residents of the glens of the Cairngorms and Lochnagar areas, placing him firmly in the local demographic. Because of this, Ian holds a plethora of knowledge at his fingertips, including information on wildlife, Gaelic history, survival skills and Scottish culture; he’s even written many notable books on folklore and bushcraft. If you’ve got questions, Ian’s the man with the answers!

    Aside from his rich experience as a mountain man, Ian enjoys nothing more than sitting at the side of one of Scotland’s many streams, catching salmon and trout. Trust us when we say that there’s nothing more exhilarating than reeling in your first fish; but if you’ve never had a go, there’s no one better to learn the tricks of the trade from. Otherwise, Ian can be spotted behind the wheel of his Land Rover Defender 110, heading off on a tour to the next unexplored gem on the horizon.

    lady ottilie car


    Hi, My name is Lady Ottilie

    Meet Lady Ottilie, our distinguished Rover Sport designed for an exclusive experience with a cozy capacity of 3 passengers. Adorned with luxurious features and crafted for comfort, Lady Ottilie is dedicated to providing a sophisticated journey for our discerning clientele.

    Navigating the scenic wonders of Scotland with grace, Lady Ottilie ensures an intimate exploration of the country’s hidden gems. Ideal for smaller groups, this Rover Sport is well-suited for diverse terrains, allowing us to venture seamlessly to captivating destinations. Your voyage is helmed by our skilled driver, ensuring not only a stylish but also a secure travel experience.

    One of Lady Ottilie’s standout features is the glass roof, offering passengers a panoramic view of Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes. Whether we’re picking you up from Edinburgh airport, Waverly Station, or your hotel, Lady Ottilie guarantees a first-class journey. Revel in the comfort of climate control, relish the privacy offered by tinted windows, and enjoy complimentary bottled water throughout your trip.

    van calton hill


    Hi, My name is sir osmond

    At TRIPorganiser, our premier Mercedes van, boasting a capacity of 7, is an indispensable companion, embodying luxury and comfort. Furnished with seven sumptuous leather seats and ample space for passengers and their belongings, this van is exclusively dedicated to our tours and day trips.

    Embarking on a journey of wonders in ultimate style, our deluxe 7-seater Mercedes tour van offers the epitome of comfort, unveiling the hidden treasures that Scotland holds close. Versatile on any terrain or route, the van imposes no restrictions on the destinations we explore.

    Whether collecting you from Edinburgh airport, Waverly Station, or your hotel, your travel experience is elevated to first-class comfort. The van is equipped with climate control, privacy windows, and complimentary bottled water.

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