Best Places for a Girlie Night Out in Edinburgh

Sometimes, no matter what age you are, you have just got to grab your best girls and head out on the town.
This isn’t to be confused with a hen night, this is just a fun night out with your favourite girls as you dress fabulously and have a raucous good time.
Edinburgh – my city of residence – is MADE for glamorous girls nights out, and I love a bit of glamour on a night out.
Lucky Liquor, I like this bar. It’s got style, unique cocktails for those who like to drink with more than a touch of class.
Under the Stairs: such a gorgeous hidden away gem of a bar. With excellent food, a beautiful wine list (with a particularly nice nose in my opinion), secreted away in the Grassmarket, I think this is a great location to enjoy a meal and drinks with your girls.
Another one of my favourites for a good meal out with oysters and Prosecco or a nice red is Chez Jules.
Or even BonVivant with their always changing menu of delicious most exquisite food. But yet affordable.
Tiger Lily: elegant, beautiful, a George Street institution Tiger Lily is a must for any girlie night out – where better to showcase your stunning outfits.
Now, any girlie night out includes dancing, and I like Electric Circus, great music, it’s not student and it’s even got private karaoke booths
And then there is this quite new bar Spit Fire (from the same guys who do the Hanging Bat) that is a nice find. Heated tiled benches and a second lower floor with a cool maze of a bar with cosy seats. Nice selection of beers and even nicer feel good food. Just the way you want it.