At last! It’s Honeymoon time!

The first holiday you’ll spend together as a married couple.
So. Damn. Exciting
It can also be a little bit stressful; you’ve just spent a lot of money as a couple on your wedding, on your hen and/or stag do. Maybe you think you should scrimp on our honeymoon, just organise it yourself, or stay with family somewhere.

I don’t agree with this argument. You only get one honeymoon as a couple.

You don’t have to have your honeymoon immediately after your wedding; there is nothing wrong with taking a couple of months to save up and do it right (and by right I mean, how you want it, not how you should.)
You don’t have to go abroad to a luxurious resort; you can save on travel costs by staying in the country.
There are incredible magical places to stay on your honeymoon in Scotland.

What do you want out of your honeymoon? Do you want to be waited on hand and foot in luxury, with chamber maids cleaning your room daily while you raid the mini bar after sightseeing in the afternoon? If that’s your dream honeymoon, Devonshire Gardens in Glasgow be your ideal choice or Ten Hill Place Hotel in Edinburgh
Or are you keen just to experience peaceful isolation with your beloved? Canopy and the Stars
Or do you want to go exploring instead, and have an adventure in the Highlands with your favourite person in the world?

What are you planning for your dream honeymoon? How can I help?


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