Everyone should spend New Year in Scotland Once

50_CTRO-1New Years, or Hogmanay as it’s known in Scotland, is something everyone should experience at least once in their life.
Nowhere celebrates Hogmanay like the Scots.


In as much as I’m all for clients making up their own mind about where to go on holiday, but if you are undecided about where you’re spending your winter vacation, Scotland has to be the choice.

It is an extravaganza of music, ceilidh dancing, fireworks, shows on New Years Eve live music is played until the bells ring in the New Year, against the backdrop of the Edinburgh Castle while fireworks explode overhead.  And it doesn’t begin and end on New Years’ eve, oh no. There are the Torch Light processions through the historic New Town on the 30th of December, with friendliest crowd in the world. The Flambeaux in Comrie, the Viking Parade Up Helly Aa , the Loony Dook on the 1st if your feeling brave you can join the others in swimming the frigid waters of the Forth.
Or my personal favourite is actually Edinburgh’s Dogmanay snow or no snow it’s a “home made” dog sledge race – very cute to watch.

Or you could watch the first rugby match of the year Edinburgh Rugby vs Glasgow Warriors on the 2nd.
There is no limit to what you could experience!
With such fun events over a whole week, how could you go anywhere else?
A complete list of Edinburgh’s Hogmanay can be found here.

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Are you ready to book now? Or if you fancy this for next year?! – Give me a shout!