Amidst a Lockdown, Celebrations, and New Beginnings: TRIPorganiser Thrives, Offering Unforgettable Day Trips and Tours in Scotland this Vibrant Summer Season!

Nov 5 2020

2020 is an ongoing whirlwind for everybody, with a pandemic stifling plans left and right. COVID-19 continues to cause a lot of difficulties for businesses all over the UK, and everyone has their own tale of how they’re making it through the world’s biggest health crisis in years.

For us at TRIPorganiser, it hasn’t been an easy ride, but like many other businesses’, we’re carrying on and now find ourselves with a beautiful new daughter, a couple of shiny wedding rings, and a new drive to take the business further than ever. Here’s how our summer has gone.

With the sudden restrictions imposed by lockdown, our wedding was initially postponed but finally took place on 20th July 2020, where we were one of the first weddings to take place at Edinburgh City Chamber’s after restrictions were lifted slightly to allow for a small number of guests.

Our wedding photos were taken on the Royal Mile in the capital, a stretch that was surprisingly empty at the time – resulting in a set of unique photos that anyone would be hard-pressed to create again.

Just over two months later, our wonderful baby daughter Toryn Rose Belgard Preuschmann was born. A fashionable three weeks late, the 24th September 2020 marks a day we’ll never forget, with a quick birth and mum doing really well. Toryn is a joy and we’re over the moon with her. We often catch ourselves staring as she takes interest in everything around her – we can already tell she has the traveller’s spirit in her!

On the business side of things, it doesn’t mean we’ve let up on the accelerator for TRIPorganiser, with a rebrand and a completely new website. Despite the restrictions brouht about by COVID-19, we are continuing with our passion of planning and organising unforgettable trips that are safe and within current regulations. On top of this, as a new family ourselves, we hope to develop a new family-friendly side to the tours, day trips, and extended trips we offer, using our newfound insight to help families pick the best trips for them.

We know a lot of people are delaying their getaways until next year, so why not contact us to make future plans? We’re here and ready to use our expertise to plan and book your trip where you can discover the beauty of the UK and Ireland when the time comes.

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