Nov 5 2020

If looking for inspiration for your next staycation, look no further than Scotland for the opportunity to get away to a hidden retreat, enjoying the natural wonders on display, but seeing the sights that you might have missed if opting for a broader tour operator.


Finding the right trails or a low-risk location away from the tourist hotspots is a challenge if you don’t have the local knowledge.  TRIPOrganiser are local to Scotland and can create a custom tour package based on your requirements, where your safety takes precedence.


Here they offer an insight into 5 gorgeous, hidden escapes in Scotland for a low-risk, peaceful staycation:


  1. Edinburgh – rich in the niche such as the Museum of Childhood, or the numerous secret gardens, the city has an abundance of underground passages such as Gilmerton Cove and picturesque scenery in Dean Village. While these aren’t wholly hidden to most tour operators, these, as well as the other hidden gems not always on show can be part of a bespoke tour from TRIPorganiser. They will be able to ensure your tour avoids the crowds, knowing the best times to go, but also they will keep you safe – selecting the best accommodation in the area that provide a memorable staycation.


  1. The Outer Hebrides – not entirely off the grid, but its wealth of white sand beaches doesn’t limit the sheer beauty of this location. From the Shiant Isles to Ness, there are many tranquil settings to experience, all offering a diverse range of interests from Jacobian history to the natural flocks of wild sheep in Harris. Travel can be subject to the ever-changing weather conditions, and if ill-prepared, tourists can find themselves experiencing all the elements at short notice. The TRIPorganiser team are all local to Scotland, knowing which paths will take you to the right locations, and more importantly, how to get there – The Outer Hebrides isn’t best known for its bus routes!


  1. Islay – shifting to The Inner Hebrides, for the whisky drinkers. Scotland is the master of whisky, and in this 25-mile island, there are at least 9 distilleries, producing a world-class selection. There are many day-trips to experience the 120+ distilleries in Scotland. Still, Islay boasts a fantastic experience for those seeking something special on their trip to Scotland. As it’s a specific tour, you can be assured that you will see everything on offer in this idyllic setting – with limited numbers visiting the location, ensuring peace of mind. Alternative sites include Edradour, Glengoyne, Lowlands and much more if you seek a whisky theme.


  1. Orkney – this epitomises ‘off the beaten track’, but there’s a balance of world-famous sites and less known including Knap of Howar to the Broch of Borwich – built around 500BC. It’s a stunning location which is a perfect hidden escape, but understanding and respecting how this rural community operate is essential. Tourism is encouraged, but with the recent COVID-19 situation, guidelines must be followed for the safety for yourself and the community. As local operators, TRIPorganiser has mutual respect for both visitors and the locals.


  1. Stirling – most city packages will be tailored to Edinburgh or perhaps Glasgow, but often overlooked is Stirling. While it’s arguably famous for Stirling Castle and the Sir William Wallace monument, it also boasts some excellent hikes on the outskirts with Ochil Hills. Dumyat is one of the smaller hills if starting out, covering around 5 miles taking about 2-3 hours to complete. After this, you can sample some of the local, traditional food and drink, and as Stirling is not as busy as Edinburgh, you can have a city staycation in a tailored package catered for your needs.


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