Unwinding in Scotland

Why would you choose Scotland to have a relaxing trip?
If you ever heard anyone mention their visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival it usually sounds the opposite of relaxing (and if it is, well they aren’t doing the Fringe Festival right).
Scotland is a country of contrast - from the insane creative hub that is Edinburgh in the month of August, when the population doubles with visitors to the solemn peace of the Highlands.
If you want to have a relaxing trip in Scotland, you must be in the know-there are certain places that are incredibly busy, for example:
Already mentioned, Edinburgh in August is a hive of creativity as the world largest arts festival takes place.
If peaceful hiking is your thing, The West Highland Way in the summer is EXTREMELY busy.
So why should you plan a relaxing trip to Scotland?
One word: Wi-Fi, or the lack thereof.
The highlands and islands have broadband and WiFi, but it isn’t readily available in cafes, etc. as it is in the cities and the deeper you go into the Highlands the harder it is to get a signal at all.
If you’re feeling the need to take a digital break alongside your vacation, there is nowhere better than Scotland.

33_blog_2_CTROScotland is a place of tranquillity and you can craft your getaway from civilisation to any standard you want.
For example, what about luxury camping at the sinfully beautiful Canopy and Stars  .
Or camping pods in the serenity of Skye .
Or you can book yourself into luxurious Stobo castle for a spa day.
Or hire out A CASTLE in the middle of beautiful nowhere
What makes you crave a relaxing trip? Have you visited Scotland? What did you enjoy the most?


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