Travel alone, once

Everyone, literally EVERYONE should travel alone.
Even / or at least ONCE.

You know the feeling of total refreshment and revitalisation you get (no, not from a crisp G&T) but from having one full day of to yourself.

A full day to do exactly what you want.

To do nothing but read in bed, but in perhaps in Paris, in a tiny boutique hotel with 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

To wander ALL day around the art galleries in Florence or to pop your head in, decide it’s not your cup of tea and head out for a really spectacular lunch.

  • That is the sheer unadulterated joy of travelling by yourself.
  • You set the rules.
  • You set the agenda.

You decide absolutely everything.
Everyone single person should travel alone at least once.
If one whole day to yourself can recharge your batteries, can you imagine what a week would do?

A week in a city you've always wanted to visit?
As a travel guide, my job is to make sure that everyone has a fantastic time on any trip-especially for solo travellers.
What has put you off from travelling alone?
Is it price or is it a lack of confidence?


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