Impressive from the Middle Ages to modern times.
This is my Edinburgh

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A tour of Scotland’s capital is an absolute must for inquisitive and enthusiastic travellers. Edinburgh, built on a cluster of seven hills on the idyllic east coast, welcomes visitors with a colourful mix of sights, nature and history.


If the weather’s good, we begin on the iconic UNESCO heritage site, Calton Hill. From there, you can enjoy an incredible view over the city, water, land and its people. Beauty, old and new, as far as the eye can see. Edinburgh City might easily be described as one huge attraction in itself. Around every corner there’s something new to discover, explore and admire. Whether you’re in it’s medieval old town (situated on a volcanic mountain!) or Georgian new town, its historical soil will take you to another world.


But Edinburgh’s rich history can’t be experienced in a single day – the Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, the St Giles’ Cathedral and the Holyrood Palace are only a fraction of the cultural offerings in this enchanting City. Its history goes hand in hand with modern Scottish culture. Museums, theatre, festivals; in Edinburgh there’s ALWAYS something going on, whether it’s the celebration of tradition or the birth of a new trend.
The printing press and the Encyclopedia Britannica comprise simply one, enormously decisive chapter of local history. Did you know that numerous influential writers and artists lived and worked in Edinburgh? On visiting the city it isn’t hard to understand how fantastical stories and characters like Sherlock Holmes, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, and Harry Potter found their first inspiration here.


Wonders both big and small easily abound in a three-hour tour – take in the sights as they were meant to be experienced, walking on Edinburgh’s charming cobblestones. And to top off the day, why not stop for an authentic Scottish gin or some of that famous craft beer? You’ll never regret a stay in Scotland’s striking capital.


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Length of Tour: 3 hours

Max No of Participants: 20

Price: £140 (1-10pax)
£200 (11-20pax)

Tour starts at
27 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh

I’d love to help you experience the spirit of my electrifying Edinburgh!