Welcome to Scotland!

Awe-inspiring natural beauty, historical attractions, majestic castles are just a few of the images that one come directly to mind in the journey into wonderful Scotland. Accompanied with the sound of Scottish bagpipes, happily dancing men in kilts and beautiful women who like to celebrate or watch men throw a tree trunk at the Highland Games. The classic teatime or local specialities such as haggis and shortbread, real pubs and regional produce offer different sides of versatile Scotland. The country and the people value and live their traditions for centuries. Hospitality and humour is thus written especially large. You feel immediately at home with my beloved people on the edge of Europe. Hours, moments create small wonders that you will never forget.


The highlight of the day maybe enjoying a Scotch whisky at sunset? Much more awaits you in my magnificent country of residence.


What are you waiting for? Let’s travel together!