Warriors & Wilderness: Braveheart & Stirlingshire Day Trip

Embark on a journey through Scotland’s storied past with a focus on Braveheart’s legendary exploits. Wander through the battlements of fortresses and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one of Scotland’s mightiest warriors. Join us as we uncover gripping tales and the enduring spirit of Braveheart.

Key Journey Points

The Battle Of Bannockburn Experience
The Battle of Bannockburn Experience is a historical attraction near Stirling that immerses visitors in the events of the famous Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The interactive visitor centre uses cutting-edge technology to bring the battle to life, allowing visitors to experience the tactics and strategies employed by Robert the Bruce and his army against the English forces.
Stirling Castle
Perched atop Castle Hill, Stirling Castle is a historic fortress that has played a pivotal role in Scotland’s history. The castle’s impressive architecture spans various periods, from the Renaissance Royal Palace to the mediaeval Great Hall. Visitors can explore the battlements for panoramic views of the surrounding countryside, delve into the castle’s rich history, and witness live historical reenactments.
National Wallace Monument
Towering over the city of Stirling, the National Wallace Monument commemorates Sir William Wallace (the real life Braveheart), a Scottish knight who played a significant role in the Wars of Scottish Independence. Visitors can climb the tower’s spiral staircase, stopping at different levels to learn about key events in Scottish history and to pay homage to one of Scotland’s national heroes.
Dunblane Cathedral
The cathedral, with its impressive architecture dating back to the 12th century, stands as a symbol of Scotland’s religious history. Visitors can explore the cathedral’s intricate interior, including the Leighton Library, one of the oldest private libraries in Scotland.
Doune Castle
Doune Castle is a well-preserved mediaeval stronghold with a rich history. Famous for its appearance in films such as “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “Outlander,” the castle offers visitors a glimpse into mediaeval life and architecture.
The Kelpies
Rising majestically along the Forth and Clyde Canal, The Kelpies are a pair of colossal equine sculptures that pay homage to Scotland’s industrial and mythical heritage. These horse-head sculptures, standing at 30 metres tall, represent the water spirits known as kelpies from Scottish folklore. The sculptures are a striking example of public art and engineering prowess, attracting visitors with their impressive size and symbolism.

Can we customise this tour?

Of course! All our tours are fully customisable to fit your individual desires and interests.

Can we start later / earlier?

Absolutely! We are always flexible with start and end times whenever possible.

Are tickets to attractions included?

Yes, for all our day trips tickets to the standard attractions are included in the price.

Do we have WiFi on board?

Yes we do!

Is this tour accessible?

For the most part all of our day tours are accessible. We are always happy to make accommodations and adjustments to the itinerary to make the day easily enjoyable for all.

Do you have baby seats available?

Yes, we are happy to provide infant seats for children under 5, just let us know in advance when one is needed.

Is this tour pet friendly?

Yes, we are happy to bring your furry friends along on our adventures.

  • Professional Guide
  • Door to door pick up service
  • Bottled water for passengers
  • Private transportation in luxury Mercedes mini van
  • Live commentary and WiFi on board
  • Entrance/Admission to Attractions
  • Lunch


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