Castles & Cobblestones: Personal Full Day Guided Walking Tour

The city of a thousand tales has a story in store for every visitor who explores its famous streets; it’d be a shame for you to miss a couple of chapters. Our full-day walking tour is completely tailored to a visitor-by-visitor basis, so you can spend time actually enjoying this wonderful place.

Key Journey Points

Below is a typical itinerary. If you wish anything to be changed, please get in touch.

St. Giles Cathedral
Marvel at the architectural splendour of St. Giles Cathedral, the crown jewel of the Royal Mile, where Gothic grandeur and centuries of history converge in a magnificent display of craftsmanship.
Advocates Close
Wander through the historic Advocates Close, a hidden gem of narrow closes and winding staircases that whisper tales of Edinburgh’s mediaeval past and literary connections.
Edinburgh Castle
Ascend to the iconic Edinburgh Castle, perched on Castle Rock, and immerse yourself in the rich history of this fortress that has witnessed centuries of royal intrigue and military prowess.
Granny’s Green Steps
Discover the enchanting charm of Granny’s Green Steps, a picturesque hidden stairway connecting the Royal Mile and Grassmarket.
Experience the vibrant energy of Grassmarket, a historic market square surrounded by eclectic shops, pubs, and tales of public executions, now a lively hub of entertainment and culture.
Stroll through the eclectic streets of Cowgate, a district that seamlessly blends ancient and modern Edinburgh, with its vibrant nightlife, historic venues, and artistic flair.
Fishmarket Close
Step into the past at Fishmarket Close, a narrow alley lined with historic buildings and stories of fishmongers, providing a glimpse into the city’s bustling trade history.
Calton Hill
Ascend Calton Hill to soak in panoramic views of the city and marvel at iconic monuments, offering a peaceful retreat with a perfect blend of history and natural beauty.
Jacob’s Ladder
Climb Jacob’s Ladder, a historic stairway that connects the New Town to Calton Hill, offering breathtaking views and a sense of connection between the city’s different eras.
Holyrood Palace
Explore the regal halls of Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the monarch in Scotland, surrounded by the picturesque Holyrood Park and the imposing Salisbury Crags.
Canongate Kirkyard
Wander through the hauntingly beautiful Canongate Kirkyard, a historic graveyard that echoes with tales of Edinburgh’s past, featuring the final resting places of notable figures.
  • Professional Guide
  • Door to door pick up service
  • Bottled water for passengers
  • Private transportation in luxury Mercedes mini van
  • Live commentary and WiFi on board
  • Tip & Gratuity
  • Lunch

Can we customise this tour?

Of course! All our tours are fully customisable to fit your individual desires and interests.

Can we start later / earlier?

Absolutely! We are always flexible with start and end times whenever possible.

Are tickets to attractions included?

Yes, for all our day trips tickets to the standard attractions are included in the price.

Do we have WiFi on board?

Yes we do!

Is this tour accessible?

For the most part all of our day tours are accessible. We are always happy to make accommodations and adjustments to the itinerary to make the day easily enjoyable for all.

Do you have baby seats available?

Yes, we are happy to provide infant seats for children under 5, just let us know in advance when one is needed.

Is this tour pet friendly?

Yes, we are happy to bring your furry friends along on our adventures.



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