Tour Guiding

Why would you want or need a tour guide?

Especially if you are just travelling alone, on a lone daring adventure, I mean hiccups along the way are a regular part of it? It’s normal to miss your ferry because you where searching for that local monument and got given wrong directions - forcing you to pay an exorbitant fee at the only B&B in the village.
Errr. No.
No travelling hiccups on my watch (unless it’s an act of God or a volcano spewing ash into the skies), but if you are going alone or in a group, the right tour guide can make or break your trip.
A tour guide doesn't need to involve following a local know all carrying an outlandish umbrella, or being stuck on a bus while someone with a microphone tells you basic historical facts you could have gleaned from Wikipedia in 30 seconds.
Tour guiding, or travel guiding as I see it, is about creating faking experience that you will treasure. (Plus factoring in the joyful extras such as discounts, complimentary champagne, late checkouts and so forth).
It’s about creating your dream trip and sharing the knowledge about these particular places that you don’t need to spend your entire trip with your head in a guide book.
It allows you to soak up the experience and enjoy it.
Knowing that you won’t get lost, that you have the right directions, that you won’t miss any of your connections.
Do you want to create your one of a kind adventure? What would it be?


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