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Jul 22 2015

You need your hair done, your nails are a chipped mess, you want to look flawless.
But you’re on holiday in Edinburgh, what is a girl to do?
The hotel spa? The first salon you see? Ask the first person you see with fabulous hair where they get theirs done?
While the latter is usually not a bad idea, if you are feeling shy I’ve compiled a wee list of places to go if you need to look your best or you just want to be spoiled.
If you need flawless make-up, check out MAC in Harvey Nichols, especially in the summer as your make-up will not shift. Also, on the same floor is the Nails Inc champagne nail bar. Perfection. Jenners is also an essential stop if you like your make-up consultations a little more private, I love the Bobbi Brown Counter.
If you are a firm believer in natural products but need your hair done, you should visit Emma Hall, Edinburgh’s organic hair salon, with a no crap chat rule- well worth it.
If you believe that natural beauty should extend to manicures also, you owe it to your talons to visit the Nail Yard and enjoy vitamin infused manicures without any harsh chemicals.
Do you want not to worry about anything at all on your trip? Get in touch with me and I can take care of everything for you, you just have to remember your luggage.

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