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As a native of Ballater, on Scotland’s Royal Deeside, Ian has proved himself a hundred times over as an excellent walking and fishing guide for TRIPorganiser. He’s spent much of the last 25 years meeting over 500 residents of the glens of the Cairngorms and Lochnagar areas, placing him firmly in the local demographic. Because of this, Ian holds a plethora of knowledge at his fingertips, including information on wildlife, Gaelic history, survival skills and Scottish culture; he’s even written many notable books on folklore and bushcraft. If you’ve got questions, Ian’s the man with the answers!

Aside from his rich experience as a mountain man, Ian enjoys nothing more than sitting at the side of one of Scotland’s many streams, catching salmon and trout. Trust us when we say that there’s nothing more exhilarating than reeling in your first fish; but if you’ve never had a go, there’s no one better to learn the tricks of the trade from. Otherwise, Ian can be spotted behind the wheel of his Land Rover Defender 110, heading off on a tour to the next unexplored gem on the horizon.


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