Packing Hacks if you LOATHE packing

Oddly for someone who loves to travel.
I hate packing.
Loathe it.
I am not one of those freaks who meticulously plan their holiday packing, getting all excited about choosing exactly what to bring for their trip. (Sorry, you aren’t a freak if you like packing…please please my friend and maybe, if you wanted to, you could pack my case with precision?) - And believe you me - I have all the travel packing lists etc and I try... - still hate it...
Effing packing, the bane of every traveller's existence.
Check my pics if you don’t believe me.

I hate it. Hell is packing, not other people. Unless other people make you pack for them.
My tips:
Create outfits before you pack, so you don’t end up looking rather odd in mismatched items.
Wear the shoes that take up the most space.
Travel size bottles of all your favourite products are worth it, place everything in a wee plastic bag so that they can be quickly found and if they explode due to a change in pressure, your clothes won’t be affected.
I actually have a complete second wash bag with travel size packages of my daily beauty stuff. (Still I end up forgetting to replenish and have to buy replacements at the destination! lol)
In my efforts to spend as little time as humanly possible doing this necessary evil, I have uncovered the joy and wonder that is packing hacks. Thank the Lord for the Internet.


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