Not a tourist

You’re not a tourist; you’re an adventurer

You’re tired of the guidebooks.
They were there when you needed them, they didn’t steer you wrong, but it wasn’t that special.
It isn’t a ‘hidden gem’ if it is in a guidebook, it’s a ‘found’ gem!
Let’s be honest, you’re tired of doing the same old same old as a tourist.
You want off the beaten track!

You want truly hidden gems!
You don’t want to rough it necessarily- you’re not Indiana Jones after all.
Getting a trip planned for you by an experienced guide does this.
Any guide worth their salt knows the difference between a holiday and an adventure.
A forgettable trip and a dearly treasured experience.
How do you ensure that you get an adventure?
By getting rigorously precise about what an adventure means to you.

  • Is it exploring little-known ruins?
  • Is it making friends with the locals and experiencing what real life is like in that country?
  • Is it steeping yourself in local culture, music, art, theatre?

Knowing what it is you want means you’re one step closer to experiencing it.
What is your next adventure going to be?