Do you need a travel guide if you are travelling alone?

Following on from last weeks post, why should you bother with a travel guide if you’re travelling alone?
It is easy to justify the expense for large groups: discounts, plus guaranteed spaces to everything you want to see and do. Fair enough.

But what if you are all by your fabulous self? It seems a little bit over the top… or does it?

A travel guide like me, handles large groups and individual travel request, and it is my job, my calling to make sure the trip goes flawlessly, no matter the number of people involved.

As I discussed last week, my job is to ensure there are no travel hiccups (something that is, if anything, more stressful and upsetting when you’re alone in an unfamiliar place, especially if you don’t speak the language.)

A lesser known fact about travel guides is: we still negotiate you a better experience than if you were doing it alone, even by yourself.
A friendly, welcoming, boutique hotel that is exactly as I described it to you (not like the flea pit you had to stay in on your last trip that lied about how many stars it had.)
A late checkout, let’s get it.
Champagne on arrival? Let’s do it.
Let’s get rid of that single person supplement that so many have to pay.
Want to have a solo tour round the Louvre with the very best guide they have, just for you? Done.

You deserve to have the trip of your dreams, without having to haggle, without the stress of negotiating in a language you can’t speak, where everything is taken care of and is exactly how you like it: even though your travelling alone.
Travelling alone means you get to create the exact experience you want, no matter where you go or what you do, you are doing it your way.
I’m here to make it happen.
Where do you want to travel to by yourself? Has it been somewhere you’ve dreamed of visiting? Don’t be shy!


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