Luxe Self-Catering


Hardly a word you’d associate with luxury, with style, with class.

But, in my opinion, nothing beats a 5 star high-end luxe apartment, especially if you are in a large group of people.
Birthdays, Christmases, New Year or simply a family holiday: an elegant self-catering apartment fits in so much better with the kind of laid back togetherness that a group needs.

You have the comforts of home, like a washing machine, like a dryer, (heaven if you’ve been traveling for a while) with stunning luxury.Luxe self-catering holidays merge the best of both worlds, the comforts of a hotel with none of the intrusion.

There is no turn down service, there is no chambermaids popping in daily at 10am and giving you a shock because you forgot to put out the do not disturb sign because you were so jet lagged you could hardly see straight.
You aren’t woken up by rowdy guests in the rooms across the hall.
Your group is not spread out over eight different floors, with the kids crammed into a pokey twin room while you fret about whether or not they’re not behaving themselves.

My most recent discovery in the luxury self-catering department has been the Forbes Residence in Edinburgh.

This is an elegant 5 star Georgian flat in the heart of Edinburgh’s Newtown, with the interior decorated by local interior designer Emily Black.


This is a not just a luxury apartment. It is a stunning home from home where you feel welcome and taken care of: exactly the kind of treatment you would expect from a boutique hotel.

What’s your opinion on self-catering? Love it or loathe it?


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