Experiences, not souvenirs


Travelling, we all love it but goodness it sometimes can turn into a but of a soulless experience.

Bali check.
Thailand check.
New Zealand check.
Madrid check.
Venice check.
Lourdes check.

Like you’re just ticking of destinations on the list, with nothing left to savour once you’re home except your new souvenir.

I think good travel is memorable.

Where holidays don’t just all blend into one, but where they are each unique.

Travel should be an experience, where you get to discover something new each time, even if you return again and again to the same country.
Experiences are precious; they are the memories that stay with you long after your niece accidentally smashed that vintage vase you bought in your trip to Paris.

Memories can’t be dropped, or broken when you move house, they can’t get stolen or damaged.
They live in you.
Good travel creates experiences, not tourist tat.

What was your craziest souvenir you ever brought back and what is your favourite ‘experience’ souvenir?!!