Scottish adventures for individuals


Are you dreaming of a holiday to suit your tastes and interests? An unforgettable journey, with a competent and warm tour guide, an equally happy bus driver who is full of good humour that likes to educate you with his sympathetic nature and rough German? As our tours are more personal than some other tour providers, you will leave with a stronger sense of satisfaction and adventure.


That will be fun! What are you waiting for?
Join us on tour in fascinating Scotland!


With mystical lakes and forests, historic cities, castles and palaces, whiskey, highlands and coast, one thing is certain, you will have a very special kind of a holiday. This is a promise that we like to make. In order for your trip to be successful, we as specialists take over the planning and take care of your stay in Scotland with passion and enthusiasm.


A team that you can rely on.
Enjoy, relax and just switch off. Get to know the country and its people, immerse yourself in nature and tradition. At TRIPorganiser we know where to find something special. Trust us your valuable travel time. Authenticity is our top priority.


You will love Scotland!


Just take a look at our website. We have put together unique moments and sights just for you. These can be found in our varied tour packages. Are you interested in a specially tailored trip? No problem, because Scotland has a lot to offer for us all. Well, do we have the perfect tour for you? Or would it be great if we put together an individual trip according to your personal wishes? Either way, we are happy about all the “Neuschotten and Nova Scotts” who decide to go on a trip to our unique country. And, when you say “Hach, how nice that was!”, we know we did well!


Let’s go to Scotland… the sound of the bagpipe welcomes you!

Trips & Packages

Do you like to explore? To see the famous sites, the must-sees and the hidden gems? Ideally without having to do weeks of confusing research online. I adore crafting unique tours for savvy travelers, whether you’ve a dream trip in mind or simply fancy something classic (without any hassle organising it) you’re bound to find what you need right here.

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With over three years experience taking tour groups around Scotland, visiting the country’s most famous sites and sharing the delightful severest to adventures. Fluent in English, German and French with a longstanding career in travel I can give your tour group a holiday to remember. With contacts in hotels, historical sites, distilleries, galleries, mansions, castles and restaurants there is little, I can’t deliver to a tour group looking to explore off the beaten track while not compromising on quality.

Group tour

Do you prefer to travel in a larger group? Are you looking for a tour guide who takes care of the entire organisation and during the trips always has information, tips and ideas at your side? Then you are absolutely in the right place. Whether male choir, deeply relaxed yoga force or vigorous Senior bus, we will certainly have a lot of fun together. Together we will tour Scottish landscapes, visit stately castles and historic traditional businesses. With a little luck, we might even catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness monster. But don’t worry, even without Nessie we’ll have this trip ready with one or two Scottish surprises. Simply be present in Scotland, it’s worth at least one trip!