Are you a nervous traveller?

Are you a nervous traveller?
Do you hate flying? And trains for that matter?
Would you much rather be having a stay-cation, than a vacation, but your significant other is quite dragging you on a holiday, away from your lovely bed?

Often, people who hate travelling have had crap experiences travelling: no surprises there.
A terrible flight with awful turbulence, a horrendous teeny tiny cramped hotel room that promised it was 4 star (when it was really a 2 star, and you’re being generous), throw in a bout of food poisoning and well, you’d much rather stay at home forever: why visit in person when there is Google earth?

Travelling should be a fun adventure.
It shouldn't make you break out in stress hives.

If you've got a legitimate phobia about flying, you can go on a course to get rid of it!
If you’re stressed that you’ll have a dreadful experience like you did on your last nightmare holiday, a seasoned experienced travel guide would be able to allay your fears by confirming that everything from the flights to your room to your tours to your restaurant books are exactly how you want them.

Failing that, go with trusted recommendations, stay at the hotels your friends love, use the airline that they recommend and so forth so that you aren't journeying into the great unknown,

No nasty surprises.
How do you calm your concerns about travelling?


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