Why should you hire a travel concierge?

Why use the services of a travel concierge?
Why go to the expense? After all, package holidays do exist.  Some of them are even first class.
Well, why do luxury hotels exist when there are clean hostels?


Well, I think it comes down to you.
What is that you want exactly?
I mean the very intricate tiny details that you want out of your holiday.

You want to get the very most out of your holiday. You want to feel utterly relaxed,  no stresses,  no cares.  Especially when you don’t have the time or the energy to plan the holiday yourself.

You don’t want to feel like you need a vacation after your vacation.

You want all the excitement and joy travelling brings, without the irritating and exhausting hassles that comes with not speaking the language (I speak three - not to brag or anything…)

You don’t need to worry about:  arranging car hire,  hotel bookings having to make sure that a double room IS a double - not just two twin beds shoved together, or charming your way into an early check-in or discovering that the tour you so desperately want to go on only has two spaces left when you are a party of six…

For example, If you decided that you were taking a trip to Berlin, and you retain TRIPorganiser to take care of your holiday for you,  you wouldn’t need to worry about booking a great table at the best restaurant in Berlin.  Native German speaker that I am,  I booked it already 4 months ago for you;  they are aware of your nut allergy and have taken the right precautions for you.

It’s those little details, those TO-DOs that are already taken care of the moment you finished work to start your vacation.
You should hire a travel concierge service if you want everything to run smoothly while you get busy relaxing and enjoying yourself.


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