Going to Scotland….gonna get married!

So, you’re planning your wedding. Not that enthused by what’s on offer in your home town you cast your eye a little wider… Maybe have the wedding somewhere else…maybe Scotland…

Scotland is an excellent country to get married in.
If all you want is a simple wedding at the registry office before you vanish to your honeymoon: not a problem, the registry office on George the Fourth Bridge is incredibly beautiful.

Or do you fancy indulging in your romantic dreams to get hitched in a castle like Dundas Castle or Auchen Castle 
What about doing something in nature? Without the hassles of lugging a marquee, DJ and booze into a field?

The Royal Botanic Gardens offer the chance to get married in beautiful surroundings
Or are you keen for something totally and utterly unusual and unique? Want to get married in a tree? You got it.
Or maybe say your vows in the historic Surgeon Hall ?

Or the original place to elope to: Gretna Green!

Scotland offers you have a wealth of choice about how your wedding can be, simple or lavish, quirky or traditional.
Are you planning a wedding in Scotland? Are you needing help arranging accommodation and flights for your guests? Let me help!


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