Feeling whiffy?

Travel has gotten a little less luxurious so that safety can be maintained on board aeroplanes.


Understandably, it makes sense not to take your favourite full size bottles of your lotions and potions with you when you go away, but even when you decant into the correct size bottles you run the risk of running out of your favourite scent.


You can buy duty-free perfume (doesn’t everyone?), but you can’t use them until you’ve landed.


No one wants to feel a little bit whiff when they’re on a long haul flight.
What is a girl to do?


Solid perfumes.


Safe. Luxurious. Fragrant.


Everything you want, and need on a long haul flight: a little bit of a luxury in your bag, no matter if you’re delayed for 15 hours or if your flight continues smoothly.
I absolutely adore Aroamas  such a wide range of fragrances to choose from and they blend wonderfully.


My favourite idea is the lovely Brooke Schoenman's Aroamas, because it reminds me of the time I went to Rotterdam!


Many of the big perfume brands do solid equivalents, so you’re a Chanel No.5 girl you can stay one!


What solid perfumes do you like?
Are there any I should try?


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