Things to Do in St. Andrews

Nov 6 2013

27_10_TW_CTROThere is more to this town than the University and golf.
The Castle and Cathedral ruins, indulge your romantic side and wander round the ruins with your beloved, explore what was once the political and religious centre of Scottish life for many hundreds of years.
The Seafood Restaurant, unleash your inner sea-food glutton alongside stunning views over West Sands beach, made famous by the exploits of legendary runner Eric Liddell in the film Chariots of Fire.

Try a spot of Blown Away land yachting: speed along West Sands beach like never before in this unique sport.

You can then relax with a wee dram in the cosy bar named for this film, Chariots, located beneath the Scores Hotel, which also doubles as one of many Nineteenth Holes located near the legendary Old Course.

Or even better have a bloody (excuse the pun) good steak in the Doll’s House after you’ve exhausted yourself shopping through the cute almost pedestrian St. Andrews city centre. If you’re a sucker for Golfing style clothes you’ll be in heaven here – like I was the first time I visited…
It’s also really exciting to wander through all the little lanes and nooks and crannies St. Andrews provides and find even more little Cafés and shops.
Here’s a selection of pictures I took near the beach. You will always here the surf and once the water recedes you can have an amazing walk along the beach…


In between the open beach and the the Cathedral ruins there is a long stretch where you can’t access the water directly as it’s hidden by beautiful old Mansions or parts of the University.  Wandering along the beautiful street I once found an almost hidden entrance to a “come and view our garden!” sign…

And look what I found?!

If you want to know more about St. Andrews, just give me a shout…

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