Save or Splurge? Can you really save money with a travel guide?

48_CTROIt’s SO easy to think that a travel guide is only for the mega rich.

That a travel guide is only for the cash rich time poor folks who literally do not have the time to book a meal for two in the best restaurant in Venice, because they work 90 hour weeks, sleep five hours a night and have no spare minutes in the day.

Or that travel guides are an expensive necessity for TV documentary crews who are going into the heart of darkness.

In a word- no.

That may have been the case years ago, but now, travel guides like myself are bringing the joy of adventure to regular people.

It’s not a splurge; it’s a saving.

  • You save so much time (no need to learn the language to explain allergies when booking a table in a restaurant).
  • You save on stress by ensuring there are no disappointments that can ruin a trip (for example, all the tickets for the tours you want are booked in advance, with a discount.)
  • You get to enjoy the special extras that are usually reserved for VIP, like late check-outs or super early check-ins.
  • You get to discover new hidden away gems that aren’t in the guidebooks, without having to waste any precious vacation time.
  • You get the joy of adventure, with none of the downsides!

Where do you want to adventure to next?