5 Tipps, wie man Menschenmengen vermeidet und abseits ausgetretener Pfade reist

We’ve all been there: a fantastic day in a foreign land cut short by long queues, overcrowded venues and borderline chaos of the masses all pouring into one space. These places of wonder inevitably attract so many people with promotional material on TV, radio, the internet and word of mouth.

With modern technology, the world feels a lot more accessible, and as a result, these locations are no longer the manageable spaces they once were. However, this can be countered with a bit of planning, talking to people and doing some research without it being too strenuous. TRIPorganiser can point you in the direction of locating less crowded places or at least being able to enjoy yourself by fine-tuning your next trip.

Here are 5 tips for beating crowds and travelling off the beaten path

1: Compare maps and guidebooks – it’s the places that don't get a mention in maps and guidebooks that you’ll want to go to. These materials are accessible to everyone, so the attractions listed within are bound to be crowded! It’s those places that don’t get a mention that most likely to be uncharted paradises. Well, some of them!

2: Ask the locals – nobody knows the area better than the locals. Sure, tour guides from large companies are experts in their field but tend to only follow a set path. Locals know the best places to go that haven’t been discovered by holidaymakers. Sometimes a place has a significance that only people native to the area know about and you’ll never know unless you ask around first.

3: The locals understand timescales – there's no avoiding those must-see places like Edinburgh Castle or Stirling Castle. They’ll certainly be popular and overcrowded throughout the day, so be sure to do some research in order to visit at the least popular times. Local residents will often suggest the best time, be able to tell you how to get there, the best method of travel to use and even what route to take. 

4: Travel off-season – travelling off-season has a common misconception that you get what you pay for; as it's cheaper, it will be a poor experience. It’s not always the case though, as although some countries have weather you might not like, the locals still carry out their routines. You may find the weather to be annoying, but the conditions aren’t always as unpleasant as they sound, and often these places of interest are less populated which will cause less stress and more enjoyment.

5: Pre-book for attractions – gone are the days of showing up at an attraction and praying for a minimal queue! Most attractions will allow you to pre-book tickets to ensure you have a special time slot. This way, you’re more likely to be able to see and do everything on offer rather than miss out because you were in a queue for too long. The early bird catches the worm!

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