5 Glamorous Wedding Venues to WOW the In-Laws

Dez 17 2019

For many, getting married is a dream come true. If you’re getting married, or you’re planning a wedding for someone else, scouting the perfect wedding venue can be taxing. It’s important that you think outside of the box and look beyond the conventional venues to make the day special and create the magic!

Today, we’re sharing glamorous wedding venues to wow the in-laws.

1: A castle in Scotland – a fairytale wedding isn’t complete without a horse and carriage and the castle to host it. Scotland has several castles for you to hold your ceremony in. One of the best wedding castle venues in Scotland is the Blair Castle which can fit up to 220 guests. The Borthwick Castle, Myres Castle and Ackergill Tower are also magical spaces to speak your vows.

A stunning shot of a wedding held at Borthwick Castle, just a 40 minute drive from scenic Edinburgh. 

2: Tuscan villa – Italy is easily one of the most picturesque destinations you can get married. A Tuscan villa should give you both the privacy and serene views to create a memorable day. Villa Monte Nero is an exceptional stone farmhouse with stunning views – picture perfect for a wedding day.

3: Beach in Sri Lanka – located at the southern tip of India, Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island that attracts visitors as a result of its natural landscapes. This, in addition to its lush beaches, makes it a dream destination for a wedding. If you want a tropical jungle with golden sand Uga Jungle beach – it won’t disappoint.

4: Ice hotel in Sweden – founded in 1989, the ice hotel in Sweden is an enchanting hotel to hold your wedding. It’s impressively the first hotel in the world that is made of ice snow, which is cooled by solar panels during summer months. They’ve got an ice ceremony hall, which is open between December and April and can accommodate between 35-40 people – definitely wedding potential.

If you’re not a fan of the heat, consider the polar opposite – an ice hotel wedding!

5: Winery in South Africa – another romantic spot to celebrate love would be at a cultured winery in South Africa. Some of the most historic and exclusive wineries can be found in spots like Bakenhof and Alee Bleue. South Africa also promises stunning landscapes and wonderful wildlife for you to gaze at while saying ‘I do’.


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