Are you a considerate traveller?

30_11_tw_CTROI don’t mean, do you politely refrain from kicking the seat of the person in front of you on an airplane, even though they’re loudly discussing their latest haemorrhoid surgery while reclining, so their head rest in mere inches from your nose?

What I mean is, do you take a little time out from planning your holiday to consider what the customs are in the country you are going to visit. For example, you must dress modestly when you visit Dubai, for women that mean between the shoulders and knees must be covered to remain modest and respectful.
You’re a guest in the country; it is only polite that you respect their traditions – not too mention not doing so could land you in trouble
Or in the rest of the UK the considerate traveller will have researched that jumping a queue is very much frowned upon.

Goodness knows what terrible fate might befall you if you made such faux-pas.

What can you do?
An experienced travel concierge will have researched and briefed you on all the customs go before your trip, but if you are pushed for time, I found some helpful articles for you.

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