Charming Accents

Oct 19 2014

Travelling is an adventure.
Yeah. We get that.
But sometimes it can be a buttock clenching excruciatingly awkward adventure.
Principally when it comes to speaking the local language.

Or worse, you speak fluent English, are visiting an English speaking country, and you can NOT for the life of you understand the local accents.

Its not simply just Irish, Welsh, English or Scottish accents you are contending with.

It’s a fast-talking Dublin restaurant receptionist where you want to book for a party of two and, it’s a very friendly Aberdonian landlady with that amazingly isolated pristine cottage, it’s a Somerset hotelier, it’s an impatient Welshman who is trying to book you on a tour.

In short, it’s a potential minefield of confusion and crossed wires that leave you feeling embarrassed and like a total fish out of water.

All you want is to enjoy your trip, god dammit!

This is where a travel guide is invaluable.

Someone who understands the local accents, removing any chances of confusion.

Don’t you agree? Did something like that ever happen to you?

What was your worst ever miscommunication on a trip?

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