Can’t sleep if you’re not in your own bed?

Oct 5 2014

You love travelling, love the adventure, the experience, the joy…

Except you can’t sleep if you aren’t in your own bed.
Significantly more irritating than others might think.
Not getting decent night’s sleep when your travelling is a nightmare, as feeling exhausted can spoil your entire trip.
So, whatcha do?

Firstly, book your holiday as planned: this is a problem you can overcome.

Secondly: what exactly is it that bothers you when stay elsewhere?

Is it that your east facing bedroom backs out onto the garden, and you are used to silence and early morning light, but on your last trip you got shoved into a west facing room with a view of the street, so you were woken not by gentle sunrise but by blaring traffic?

You are allowed to specify this if you book direct, or you hire a travel guide.

Is it temperature? Do you need to be in a warm room cocooned in three blankets to drop off or is it that you need warm blankets, but the bedroom window needs to be open, no matter what?

There is nothing wrong with wanting these details.
It is your holiday, and you want to be comfortable in all aspects of it there is nothing wrong in finding out if the hotel can accommodate your wishes, especially before you book.
How do you relax in an unfamiliar hotel room?

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