Our TRIPorganiser team

Do you have absolutely no time or energy to organise your trip? All you want, all you need, is to start your vacation. We’re here to take care of absolutely everything while creating a holiday for you unlike any other.


TRIPorganiser is your personal travel service. Whether you’re planning a last minute weekend, city break, business trip, family holiday or an extra special surprise TRIPorganiser will save you money and time with a highly professional, reliable and friendly service. We return relaxation, excitement and fun back to holiday makers and vacationers. We also offer freedom and flexibility like no other travel service or tour operator. Individual, family or group, we’re ready to take on the burden of the organisation while you get busy enjoying yourself.


With TRIPorganiser you can sit back and enjoy the very best holiday of your life. Why not get started today?

Beryl Preuschmann

Founder and Managing Director, TRIPorganiser.net


Beryl has over ten years experience in media and communication. Since relocating to Scotland, she worked in the tourism sector and was able to build a thorough knowledge base and network within the Scottish travel businesses and the incoming market structure. Rest assured Beryl will give you the inside scoop on the latest Scottish hot spots.

Sean Fogarty

Sean Fogarty

Bus driver with a happy nature


Sean is our most beloved, favourite bus driver. Always in a good mood, he always brings our tour groups safely and expertly to their desired destinations. He is also known to spontaneously start a cheerful song on the tours. Often the entire bus joins in to sing and laugh. Sean is also an extremely sympathetic, reliable travel friend, happy to meet every interested guest. He has his bus firmly under control and will take you expertly from one Scottish wonder to another – travelling with him is twice as fun!


Onur Kutlu Gago

Partner, Tale Company, Turkey


As an experienced traveler, Onur has founded Tale, based on a unique business model in the travel industry, organizing “experience based” boutique cultural tours for small groups, where travelers discover different cultures around the world through interacting with local people. Onur and Beryl work together for Tale’s Scotland operations.


Marina Shatalova

Partner, Perpetuum Travel, Russia


Marina has over five years experience in tourism, marketing and communication, especially for the Russian and UK market. She provides an excellent network in the travel industry and knowledge of the UK as well as Asian destinations and, of course, Russia. Marina heads up operations in Russia through partner company Perpetuum Travel.