It doesn’t matter if this is your first ever trip, or if you travel all year round – we all make mistakes. However, with a bit of pre-holiday planning it’s easy to avoid some of the most common travel mistakes, and potentially save your trip!

The professionals at TRIPorganiser are experts at organising and planning the getaway of your dreams, whether it’s a family holiday or a business trip. Today, they share 5 travel mistakes you’re making.

  1. Overpacking – packing for every eventuality might seem like good planning, but it’s actually the opposite. Hauling around half your wardrobe is only going to slow you down and incur extra costs.
  2. Not buying insurance - travel insurance covers cancellation and other fees, meaning that if something goes wrong, you won’t be out of pocket. Be prepared for the unknown!
  3. Packing too much into one trip – this is a sure-fire way to stress yourself out and considerably limit the opportunities you’re exposed to. Give yourself time to relax and fully enjoy what every destination has to offer.
  4. Not keeping track of your details – don't be that person who has tor rummage through their bags at every hotel, every bus stop, every...where. Keep your itinerary and documents accessible and organised.
  5. Not checking your mobile plan - it’s important to know what your plan covers to avoid data roaming fees. If you’re not sure, keep your phone in airplane mode to avoid unwanted costs.If data is important to you, look into buying an international plan or buying a local SIM card once you arrive.


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