Managing Sponsor Expectations

At the start of October 2013, I was a co-creator of the unique tourism event Taste Ye Back with Embrace Scotland and Attacat. This was a unique event that mixed influential international travel bloggers with premier Scottish self-catering accommodation, adventurous activities and the best in Scottish cuisine. The first event of its kind, it is certainly not going to be the last.
This was an ambitious undertaking that required sponsorship partners to do well, from accommodation, to food, to car hire, to flights payment and beyond. For example, the travel company Momondo believed in Taste Ye Back, and generously provided flights from Edinburgh to Dublin  for all the bloggers involved in Taste Ye Back, Momondo was a sponsorship partner that was of crucial importance to the success of the event. I’m delighted that they were a part of Taste Ye Back, they’re a fantastic travel site and I highly recommend them.

With any event that involves sponsors, the more sponsors brought on board, the trickier it is to seamlessly include their wishes alongside other sponsors.

It is crucial to manage expectations of success from both sides. Sponsorship, like advertising does not guarantee immediate results. While providing bloggers with the list of all sponsorship partners is the essential responsibility of the event organiser, bloggers have the responsibility to include in their posts all the sponsors involved but there has to be a small margin allowed for error.

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